The benefits of a lease option

There are many benefits to a lease option:

1- You can charge more per month than you’d for a rental, because part of the monthly fee is the non-refundable option.

2- If the tenant decides not to purchase the home, the option money is yours.

3- You attract different clients-clients who are looking to possess a home, who take into account the home theirs while leasing it from you because they’re paying into the equity of their future purchase. Even if they decide to not buy at the end of the lease term, they’ve probably cared for the property better than typical renters.

4- You can help people own homes who might not otherwise be able to purchase, because they’ll be building up a down payment a small amount at a time.

Because you still own the property, you get the tax write-off during the lease period, and if the tenant defaults, you’re still on the deed and can re-sell the property after a simple eviction process (not a foreclosure).

The buyer benefits, as well. Not only do they get to slowly build up a down payment with the option cash, but they also have a predetermined price for the house. If the market suddenly swells, they realize the additional equity when they build the purchase.

You could make money with this method without even owning the property. It is true, and it is easier than you think. All you do is find motivated sellers who are willing to sell to you on a lease option so match those homes with buyers who want to buy on a lease option. It’s really that simple. Legal tip to remember,- in order to prevent problems ought to your potential buyer default, don’t ever let them pay the taxes and interest on the property and always refer to them as a tenant and not a buyer. This will secure your right to evict and not have to foreclose on defaults.

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