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Different Strategies to Leverage Your Assets for the Optimal Return

Individuals aim for max come on the investment. Whereas leverage your assets for optimum returns, implement the most effective doable strategy. So, you must have access to multiple ways that to leverage these assets. For example; if you’ve got a property, you’ll rent it or put off a loan against property. Some might take a loan against property and rent at a same time. it’s your alternative supported your demand. So, what square measure the alternatives available?



Most lenders will allow you to borrow against the assets. Consider a loan against property, gold, equities, fixed deposits, PPF, salary, life insurance policies,etc. You need to select the right strategy based on available assets and required funds.


Loan against property in India won’t be equivalent to a total cost of a property. Based on the market value of property and loan to value ratio, you can receive 55% to 65% of cost as a loan. So, if that doesn’t seem enough, you can sell the property. Same is applicable for equities, fixed deposits, mutual funds, gold and other assets. However, certain assets can be resolved completely or partially. Properties do not have that advantage. But, you can select to sell the assets to meet the current requirements. It’s called profit booking in the stock market or partial withdrawal in fixed deposits. So, it’s vital to fine-tune it to match your requirement.


You can rent out your property. Renting option is available for commercial, residential and industrial properties only. But, you can give it on lease while you have availed a loan against property. So, this combination can be a rewarding way to optimize returns on a property.

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You will conjointly got to keep track of few factors whereas merchandising and leasing your assets for returns too. That’s the most effective thanks to choose right quality for merchandising or dealing.

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