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Investor Vs Trader

I hope currently that you simply have scan this you have got a transparent image on what the variations area unit and also the direction you would like to travel.



Investors area unit usually called the “buy and hold” sort, and appearance to create long run profitable investments with borderline risk. Investors look towards diversifying their portfolio with a mixture of mutual funds, dividend paying stocks and even some high grade bonds. A term that you simply can typically see related to finance is key analysis. Investors aren’t involved with chart patterns, down trends or up trends, and area unit additional involved with balance sheets, earnings per share, and P/E ratios. Investors typically hold on to shares for several years knowing that even through bear markets, the businesses true price isn’t mirrored within the stock value and it’ll eventually rebound back.


When comparison investors to traders, the most distinction is their come on investment. A monger might look to create even as abundant associate exceedingly|in a very} couple months as an capitalist will the complete year. the rationale behind this is often a monger is trying to search out market trends to exploit the actual fact that history tends to repeat itself within the securities market. A term typically used with mercantilism is technical analysis. Traders use techniques and indicators like bollinger bands, candle stick charts, cup and handle formations (and several several more) to search out key entry and exit points. whereas investors might look to create a 5-20 p.c come on a stock throughout the year, a monger might look to create 1-5 p.c on a stock in anyplace from a second (scalp trading), every day (day trading) or per week or 2 (swing trading). The distinction between the 2 here is sheer volume. Investors might obtain or sell 1-5 times during a year, whereas a monger usually appearance to try and do that anyplace from every day to many weeks.

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Each are tried to possess positive results, and each should implement key analysis into their ways to succeed.
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Growth Investor and Value Investor

There are many type of investors, below are 2 possible types of investors:

In stock investment, there are completely different terms that are typically accustomed make a case for varied investment ideas. For those of you United Nations agency are attending to venture into the stock exchange or ar already during this business, you want to have detected of a stock and price stock. These are common terms employed in investment however what specifically do they mean?

It is troublesome to come back up with a transparent and set definition of growth and price stocks. However, there are some criteria that are accustomed outline these stocks. it is vital to say that growth and price don’t seem to be solely ways of investment however additionally act as a guide for investors to slim down their choices and understand what to take a position in. For people who perceive the stock exchange well, you may agree that there ar times once growth stocks perform okay et.al.once price stocks stand out. it’s a wise investment observe to possess stocks in a very distributed portfolio so as to chop down on your risks.

growth investor

Growth investors are people who concentrate on growth investment that revolves around a stock that has exhibited a possible to grow. On the opposite hand, price investment focuses on underneath priced stocks however still have enough space to extend. Growth stocks are typically related to sturdy growth capabilities. Here, investors ar keen on having a stronger come back on equity. If you’re inquisitive about growth investment, you would like to require under consideration each the pre-tax earnings and therefore the earnings per share. Once this has been done, it’s knowing project the longer term stock value so as to possess an honest plan of what quantity you’re doubtless to earn.

As a growth capitalist, you would like to be wise and use your judgment and customary sense to form wise selections. it’s potential that the stock would possibly presently not meet all the factors however still incorporates a probability to qualify as a solid stock.


Some folks suppose price stocks are low cost stocks that isn’t the case. However, there are some instances wherever price stocks are listed aboard the lists of corporations that have hit a 52-week low. For investors, price stocks are used because the cut price for investment. the final word aim important investment is to pick stocks that are underneath priced and watch for the costs to realize their ideal market rates.

How does one determine price stocks? an honest thanks to opt for {a value|a worth|a value} stock is to seek out stocks with a price to earnings growth magnitude relation of but one. the value earnings magnitude relation ought to rank at all-time low 100% of all corporations. an honest price stock is one whose share value could be a tangible price.

There are investors preferring to concentrate on one variety of stock and ignore the opposite. this can be not sensible|an honest|a decent} strategy as a result of diversification of portfolio of each price and growth stocks is that the best and bonded price ticket of getting good returns. If you’re a beginner, investment in each stocks could be a sensible place to begin.

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No matter growth investor or value investor, the main purpose is help others people and earning.

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A Lease Option Works to Stop Foreclosure

A lease option can stop a foreclosure by the reinstatement of the late payments to the lender. Usually the lease option takes two additional “parts” to make it work.

First, the homeowner will deed or transfer the property to someone else, usually an investor who understands the technical aspects of putting this type of transaction together.

In return for transferring title to the investor, the homeowner signs a lease and an option to re-purchase the same property for one to three years in the future.
That’s the simple explanation; now let’s look carefully at the transaction.

Approximately 85% of the time a homeowner wants to stay in his property that is in foreclosure. He didn’t purposely get into foreclosure and he has established “roots” in the local community so he doesn’t really want to move.

He also is faced with not being able to purchase another home easily because of his tarnished credit from the foreclosure problem.

When approached by an investor with the option to transfer his home to the investor in exchange for the investor getting a profit by re-selling the home back to the homeowner in a year or two, the homeowner sees this as a real solution to his dilemma.

The investor explains that the homeowner will sign over the deed to his home, the investor will bring his delinquent mortgage(s) current and the homeowner will lease the home back from the investor.

The homeowner doesn’t even have to move out of his home to make this work and his challenged credit is no problem. The investor will explain how the homeowner will be guaranteed the opportunity to re-purchase his home at a reasonable markup in one or two years and can move forward after that.

If the same loan stays in place, the homeowner can just continue making payments to his old lender and not have to re-qualify for a new loan or pay new closing costs. This process is called taking over the property “subject to” the existing mortgage staying in place.

All of this explanation is correct, but there are some caveats and disclosures that the investor may not explain to the homeowner.

More and more states are passing legislation against lease options being used in foreclosure transactions or at the very least heavily regulating these transactions because a few unscrupulous investors have taken advantage of homeowners at the worst and most vulnerable time of their lives.

After the homeowner signs the deed to the investor he is no longer the owner of the property and is only staying in his former home at the mercy of the investor and the lease he signed.

Investors know that despite homeowners resolving their foreclosure problems, most of the time over 60% of all homeowners will be back in foreclosure within nine months!

If the investors had re-financed the homeowner’s mortgage it would have been expensive and the investor would have to evict the homeowner by a foreclosure proceeding to get him out of his home; just as the original lender had to do.

The better option is to have the homeowner in the premises with only a lease agreement so the homeowner can be evicted in as little as two weeks in many states.

If the original loan was reinstated, the homeowner will be evicted but the mortgage will still be the responsibly of the homeowner and if the investor re-leases the property and doesn’t make the mortgage payments, the lender will have a foreclosure to go through again!

Unfortunately the homeowner will have his credit smacked by any late payments made by the investor, even if the investor keeps the rent money from a new tenant and doesn’t make the mortgage payments.
There are a number of things a foreclosure victim can do to protect himself from the few ruthless investors who would pull this scam.

First, have an attorney review the lease and the option agreement. If the lease and option agreement are two documents, request that they be one single agreement.

In most court verdicts, if there is only one agreement and not two separate agreements (lease and option), the courts have held that the homeowner (lessee) is accruing equity in the property with each lease payment.

It makes it harder for the eviction process and easier for the homeowner’s attorney to defend his position. Also make certain that the lease has at least a 30 day “cure” period and at least three attempts to cure the late payments as this is standard in many states.

In summary, a lease option is a viable option for stopping a foreclosure but the homeowner must be aware of his risks in this transaction and be represented by competent legal counsel.

This overview of the process is not meant to be legal advice, always seek a competent attorney when you are involved in a legal matter.

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