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Top 5 Craziest Encounters by Property Agents

Hahahahahaha! No. 2 reminds me of the Red Room of Pain from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

wealth conference 2016

wealth conference 2016

5. Splashing Surprise!

In a recent awkward situation, a property agent explained how she decided to make sure the house which was up for viewing that day would be spotless so it would be presentable for the probable buyers. It was definitely astonishing to hear noises in the backyard especially knowing that the owner was away on a holiday. So imagine spotting strangers sun-bathing and wading in the pool! Well, little did she know that these unknown young adults had been making this pool their weekly entertainment hideout!


4. Doll Obsession!

Now, collecting dolls can be cute and sweet but think about this – how creepy is it going into a room surrounded by dolls from the moment you open the door and having all those eyes staring at you?! A property agent shares that she got the fright of her life when she was viewing a house to be put on rent. Upon viewing one of the rooms, she claimed that the whole room was filled with an atmosphere where it was literally like ‘Chucky and Friends 101’ (from Child’s Play, the movie). The funny part was when the owner refused to get rid of the dolls, instead choosing to keep them as colossal pieces for the tenant.  Bizarre and weird to a whole new level!


3. Animal Craze 101

It definitely goes without saying that we love our pets beyond boundaries, but I believe a line should be drawn somewhere, and at some point! Picture walking into a house filled with THIRTY TWO furry four legged friends roaming around the entire house. This for sure is the weirdest kind of madness a realtor had to deal with at a house around Selangor, just because the owner disregards caging these cats. What made it even worse was the fact that the future tenants of the house was with her watching this atrocious cat-tuation going on.


2. Nude Charm

Art is a form of expression, no doubt about that. But the expressions through art can be quite outrageous. Showing a house in KL to prospective buyers while coming across naked pictures of the house owner was certainly a disturbing experience for a young realtor. According to him, he was not aware of this strange room as the owner had “misplaced” the key when the introduction tour of the house was given before it was put up for sale.


1. Hoarding at its BEST!

Hoarding! A verb which is alien to some, especially those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This situation could be a winner for “Most Shocking Experience A Property Agent Ever Had to Deal With”. Many property agents look forward to getting an easy sale when a friend asks them to assist them in buying, selling or renting property. But do you really know your friend?!

A property agent relates that a house owner around Subang Jaya wanted to give his house up for rent. But things got fishy when the owner refused to allow the agent in to show him the inside of the house, and was extremely insistent that the property agent was only allowed to check the house after the owner had left. Alas, the property agent who agreed to the condition of the owner later understood the reason behind the owner’s bizarre request when he stepped into the house a few days later. He literally found himself in a house filled with rubbish and boxes. The abashed owner subsequently apologised for his behaviour and trash filled house, explaining that it had been left vacant for a very long time.


Source: PropSocial

Encountered owners of properties wanted to sell their properties but refused to provide exact addresses of the properties until I have buyers.

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