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When it comes to economies in Asia, the name Singapore isn’t far behind. In fact the city-state of Singapore is rated as one of the best in the region alongside that of China and Japan. But the development of the city-state into what it is now was littered with obstacles and hardship as well. History reveals the city-state became a self-governing state within the British Empire in 1959. The country separated from British control in 1963 and joined the Federation of Malaysia. But the presence of Singapore in the Federation was short-lived as the country once again left Malaysia and cited ideological differences. By 1965, the city has officially gained its sovereignty. It was the start of the march to progress for the city-state.

During that time, the city tried to become self-sufficient and at the same time faced a number of problems and issues like unemployment, housing shortages and of course the lack of available land for the people and for business and trade. But the difficulties faced by the country were short-lived as the country implemented a number of steps. These policies and government actions have made Singapore the respected economy of today. The Singapore of today is considered as one of the strongest economies in Asia and one of the centers of trade as well. Being a center of trade, it can be expected that this kind of set-up and development have given rise to business opportunities in Singapore that people from the state and from the rest of the world can take advantage.

A quick check on the economy and the industry of the city-state will reveal that the economy of the country relies on exports refining imported goods and in manufacturing. It is in manufacturing that the country has pushed much of its attention. In fact based on records, the manufacturing sector contributed 26 percent to the country’s GDP in 2005. So for the person who might want to do business in the country, then one Singapore business opportunity is in manufacturing. Singapore trade is diverse as well, since a number of companies are involved in varying fields like electronics, petroleum refining, chemicals, engineering and also bio-medical sciences manufacturing.

By the year 2006 the state produced about ten percent of the world’s supply of the foundry wafer output. And perhaps as a testament as to how the state is seen in terms of trading and business transactions, state was rated as the busiest port when it comes to the amount of tonnage shipped. These facts all help make the state what it is now and the reasons why a number of businesses set up shops in the state.

The state is now as well one of the preferred destinations of people looking for work or for people simply looking for fun and entertainment. If you are one of those who are into business and may want to diversify, then a Singapore investment will do. You can never go wrong with a state that is highly rated by businessmen and analysts.


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