Own Nothing but Control Everything

Learn to Invest in Property The New Way!

Since the removal of DIBS Scheme and also the increase of RPGT, property investing is never the same again. Investors who are simply relying on the old ways to grow their property portfolios are now stuck. Instead they should be using the latest cutting-edge property strategies. We would like to share with you the insights on how the rich “OWN NOTHING but to CONTROL Hundreds of properties !

You will discover:

  • How to find property deals at below market value
  • How to negotiate BIG discounts from your deal
  • How to use leveraged ways of buying property that doesn’t involve using any of y our own money
  • How to flip property deals in creative ways “It is unknown to most of local property speakers”
  • How to find buyers to invest in your property deals
  • How to get higher yields on your rents
  • and more...

QUESTION: If you don't need bank loan or mortgage to buy property, how many properties can you buy?

“Vincent Wong is the master when it comes to creative property investing. With his guidance, I have successfully transacted 70 properties in 4 years time.”
Colin Mir, Property Buyers