How To Finance An Apartment Purchase In Malaysia

If there was a contest to determine the most popular business in Malaysia, mortgage lending could certainly compete. Just about any institution with cash i.e. banks, or access to someone else’s cash i.e. insurance companies, wants to be in the residential lending game. It is a fact one can easily confirm with a quick glance at the local newspapers. You will see pages after pages of mortgage lending offers.

There are many lenders in the market, and the first time apartment buyer should talk to as many people as possible. The reason for this is to find the best mortgage lending offers available. In additional to the newspaper, good mortgage lending offers can also be found in the yellow pages, real estate directory and by asking real estate lawyers, real estate brokers and agents, and people who have bought apartments recently.

For many years the best known mortgage lenders were Malaysian local banks such as Maybank, Public Bank and Hong Leong Bank. In the recent years, the insurance companies have jumped on the mortgage lending business bandwagon. Even tough the insurance companies are not primarily in the mortgage business, they have managed to packaged mortgage plan bundled with their insurance product. In some cases, first time apartment buyers can obtain access to insurance funds only through mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers.

Mortgage bankers are individual and organizations who loan their own funds and the funds of others to real estate purchasers. Once a mortgage is made, the mortgage banker typically sells the loan to an investor. A mortgage broker, unlike a mortgage banker, does not have capital to lend but instead loans money that belongs to others. He makes his money on fees, charges and points. In addition, a mortgage broker may also service loans.

Just like in any country, to finance an apartment purchase in Malaysia can be a daunting task. A typical mortgage payment term for the average Malaysian is from 15 to 30 years. The best thing for a new apartment purchaser to do is to get advice from the right people before signing on the dotted line of a mortgage agreement.

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