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The Laws that Every Millionaire Must Follow

If you want to be a millionaire, you must follow the laws properly. Many people from all over the world ask the general advice on how to become a millionaire. They come from all backgrounds, ages, religions, and skin colors. In general, they see money as the resource to help them reach their highest aspirations.

Following these laws of wealth will help you to navigate through the oceans of success and make you a millionaire:

1. Don’t Work For Money

If you are only work for money, then the money won’t work for you. Instead, you should be working on building your skills. Earning money is a byproduct of building your skills. The more skilled you learn in your profession, the further you can climb up the economic ladder.

Those who work for money will become slaves to money. Those who work to build their skills will master money, especially since handling money is also a skill. If you focus on developing the skills, you will be able to pay the bills. Conversely, if you’re focused on paying the bills, you won’t have the time to acquire the skills. Thus, skills over bills. That’s the priority. Millionaires are highly skilled.

2. Fix Your Intentions

Those who with the right intentions will become a millionaire. As mentioned earlier, fixing your intentions on “making money” for the sake of making money will prohibit your success. In fact, this mindset will often blind people to other opportunities. If your intentions are wrong, it will stop you from the success that you want.

When networking, you must share your intentions and ensure the “give and take” relationship is mutual. Furthermore, sharing your intentions clarifies your message, leaving no room for confusion, which allows others to lend you a helping hand.

3. Make it Easy for Others

To become a millionaire, you must make it very easy for others. Instead of complicating your message, you must break it down in ways that people understand. Oftentimes, if a person is confused by your convoluted message, they will back out and avoid to doing business with you. Remember, the confused mind always says, “No.”

4. Step Into Your Comfort Zone

Failure is highly uncomfortable for all the people, but so many people still tolerate it. They settle for the house they don’t want to live in, the cars they don’t want to drive, and the salary that they can’t enjoy. Instead, seek success: It’s easy, fun, and extremely comfortable. Overcome all your fears and go for your dreams. What you want wants you even more!

Everything that I do is comfortable, however it all started when I began inspiring souls free. The only way you can step into your comfort zone and do what you love is by doing it free. Stop working for money, start building your skills, and do what you love, even if no one pays you to do it. Soon enough, you’ll find a way to get paid for what you do. That’s how you enjoy your life.

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The 4 Things Lenders Consider Before Approving Your Home Loan

In a previous article, we’ve talked about the pros and cons of purchasing a property in cash versus applying for a home loan. Home loans work the same way as any other loan does. The lender (the bank, as is often the case) charges an amount of interest and the borrower pays the money back plus interest in installments. However, the criteria that lenders look at before approving your loan can be a little different.

Here are the four main things lenders think about to decide whether to approve your home loan.



As with most other loans, one of the first things to look at is your credit history. Your credit history of course tells the lenders how good of a paymaster you are. It’s in the lender’s best interest to understand fully whether or not you can pay them back, and taking a look at your credit score helps. The better your credit score is, the more likely your loan will get approved.



This refers to the assets or funds you have to cover the payments associated with the home loan. In addition to the 10% down payment, you also have to pay several additional fees like legal fees, processing fees, and various stamp duties. The lender will take a look at your funds and assets to determine that you can cover these expenses with little trouble. The more you have in assets, the easier it is to ensure that you can pay them back the cash you owe. In fact, if you can pay more than the typical 10% down payment, you’re even more likely to get your loan approved.



This is how able you are to repay the loan based on income, employment history, savings, and monthly liabilities. How much you have the day you apply for the loan and how well you’ve been paying back your loans in the past isn’t an indicator of how you’ll be paying in the future. To account for this, lenders will take a look at your earnings and expenses to project how compatible your monthly cash flow will be with their monthly expectations once the loan is added to your expenses.



The one major additional factor concerning house loans is the value and condition of the property based on their appraisal. Lenders have to think about what might happen should you fail to fulfill your loan obligations. In the case of a home loan, when a property looks to be in good condition or expected to rise in value, the lender is more likely to approve your loan. Because even if you renege, the bank can auction off the property or loan it out to other would-be borrowers to make up for their loss.

There you have it. The four important factors affecting the bank or lender’s decision when considering whether or not to approve your home loan. Keep these in mind and make sure your details are favourable, and you’ll be approved for your home loan in no time. Before getting approved however, you have to apply for one. Have anything to contribute to this article? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!


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Keeping A Neighbourhood Safe Through Environmental Design

Safety in a neighbourhood has become a major concern by any potential home buyer, current residents and property developers alike as the value of a property can be affected if the crime is rampant in the neighbourhood.

Many might think that staying in a gated and guarded neighbourhood would be sufficient to reduce the risk of victimisation but crime can happen in any neighbourhood, it does not matter if it is gated and guarded. Being gated and guarded alone is ‘yesterdays’ version of safety and security.

Crime prevention and safety in any neighbourhood actually goes beyond gates and guards. Crime still occurs in many developments and townships because many developers fail to implement Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED).

As its name suggests, CPTED is a multi-disciplinary approach to deter criminal behaviour through environmental design. Its strategies rely upon the ability to influence criminal decisions by affecting the built, social and administrative environment of the neighbourhood.

A common error which a developer could make is not by having a Certified CPTED Practitioner assist with the implementation of CPTED. The biggest flaw with not having a Certified CPTED Practitioner is that any implementation of CPTED is only based on theories but does not reflect the reality of criminal behaviour in Malaysia.

What are CPTED features?

Many of us have never heard of CPTED, in fact, many who are in the property industry have never heard of CPTED. So what exactly is CPTED and what are CPTED features should you look out for when deciding to purchase a property?

Building design – If a building design is well planned out, it can help to deter crimes while if done wrong, could encourage and increase crime rates. An example is shown as the picture above. A ‘blind wall’ is where a wall has no windows, lights, doors or any openings. Having cars parked at a blind wall area creates the perfect opportunity for car theft, as there is no natural surveillance from the residents. It is also dark thus allowing criminals to lurk around these areas. Developers should take note of this, or at least ensure that blind wall areas have enough lighting and surveillance.

Walkway – Residents usually use the sidewalk for jogging, walking and running but they are also prone to criminal activity such as snatch theft. Planting bushes or placing a barrier along the sidewalks can help prevent snatch theft. The bushes or railing will act as a barrier between the criminal and the victim. Roads – Are the roads wide enough? Is the road a one-way or a two-way road? Most people do not realise that according to research one-way street roads encourages snatch theft.

Lighting – Is there adequate lighting provided? Good lighting is one of the most effective crime deterrents. When used properly, light discourages criminal activity, enhances natural surveillance opportunities, and reduces fear. A constant level of light providing reasonably good visibility should be maintained at night. The objective should be to light up the criminal without spotlighting the victim.

Fencing – The first line of protection is the fencing. Do take note of the fencing lining the external perimeter of the neighbourhood. Is proper fencing used and is it in good condition? Ideal fencing would be made of sturdy material and stand at a height of 8 feet. Also, the design of the fencing should not allow it to be easily scalable, making climbing it possible.

To sum it up, the best way to prevent crime is to create an environment which is not conducive for crime to take place. Some features stated above should be implemented in the design of the neighbourhood to give the peace and mind for the home owners. Though the first step would be for developers to implement CPTED in their designs but ultimately, every individual is responsible for protecting our home and neighbourhood.


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10 Tips for Long Term Investor

As a long term investor, there are a lot of things you need to take notes. Below are 10 useful tips.

While it’s going to be true that within the stock exchange there’s no rule while not Associate in Nursing exception, there area unit some principles that area unit robust to dispute. Let’s review ten general principles to assist investors get a far better grasp of a way to approach the market from a long-run read. each purpose embodies some elementary thought each capitalist ought to recognize.


time selling

1. Sell the Losers and Let the Winners Ride!

Time and time once more, investors take profits by commerce their appreciated investments, however they hold onto stocks that have declined within the hope of a rebound. If Associate in Nursing capitalist does not recognize once it is time to giving up of hopeless stocks, he or she will be able to, within the worst-case situation, see the stock sink to the purpose wherever it’s nearly negligible. Of course, the concept of holding onto high-quality investments whereas commerce the poor ones is nice in theory, however laborious to place into apply. the subsequent info would possibly help:

Riding a Winner – Peter kill was celebrated for talking concerning “tenbaggers”, or investments that redoubled multiple in worth. the speculation is that abundant of his overall success was thanks to alittle range of stocks in his portfolio that came back massive. If you’ve got a private policy to sell once a stock has redoubled by a precise multiple – say 3, for example – you’ll ne’er absolutely stay a winner. nobody within the history of investment with a “sell-after-I-have-tripled-my-money” mentality has ever had a tenbagger. do not underestimate a stock that’s playacting well by jutting to some rigid personal rule – if you do not have a decent understanding of the potential of your investments, your personal rules might find yourself being whimsical and too limiting. (For additional insight, see decide Stocks Like Peter kill.)
commerce a Loser – there’s no guarantee that a stock can pick up once a drawn-out decline. whereas it is important to not underestimate sensible stocks, it’s equally vital to be realistic concerning investments that area unit playacting badly. Recognizing your losers is tough as a result of it is also Associate in Nursing acknowledgment of your mistake. however it is important to be honest after you understand that a stock isn’t playacting in addition as you expected it to. do not be afraid to swallow your pride and pass on before your losses become even larger.

In each cases, the purpose is to evaluate firms on their deserves in line with your analysis. In every state of affairs, you continue to have to be compelled to decide whether or not a worth justifies future potential. simply keep in mind to not let your fears limit your returns or inflate your losses. (For connected reading, cross-check To Sell Or to not Sell.)


hot tips

2. Do not Chase a “Hot Tip.”

Whether the tip comes from your brother, your first cousin, your neighbor or perhaps your broker, you should not settle for it as law. after you create Associate in Nursing investment, it is important you recognize the explanations for doing so; do your own analysis and analysis of any company before you even think about investment your hard-earned cash. looking forward to a treat of knowledge from some other person isn’t solely a trial at taking the straightforward solution, it is also a kind of gambling. Sure, with some luck, tips typically pan out. however they’ll ne’er cause you to Associate in Nursing aware capitalist, which is what you would like to be to achieve success within the long haul. (Find what you should pay attention to – and what you should ignore in Listen To The Markets, Not Its Pundits.)


3. Do not Sweat the little Stuff.

As a long-run capitalist, you should not panic once your investments expertise short-run movements. once pursuit the activities of your investments, you must verify the large image. keep in mind to be assured within the quality of your investments instead of nervous concerning the inevitable volatility of the short term. Also, do not overstate the few cents distinction you would possibly save from employing a limit versus purchase order.

Granted, active traders will use these day-to-day and even minute-to-minute fluctuations as how to create gains. But the gains of a long-term investor come from a totally different market movement – the one that happens over a few years – so keep your specialise in developing your overall investment philosophy by educating yourself. (Learn the difference between passive investing and apathy in Ostrich Approach To Investing A Bird-Brained Idea.)


4. Don’t Overemphasize the P/E Ratio.

Investors often place too much importance on the price-earnings ratio (P/E ratio). Because it’s one key tool among many, using only this ratio to make buy or sell decisions is dangerous and ill-advised. The P/E quantitative relation should be understood among a context, and it ought to be employed in conjunction with alternative analytical processes. So, an occasional P/E ratio does not essentially mean a security is undervalued, nor will a high P/E ratio essentially mean a corporation is overvalued. (For additional reading, see our tutorial Understanding the P/E Ratio.)


penny stock

5. Resist the Lure of Penny Stocks.

A common idea is that there’s less to lose in shopping for a affordable stock. however whether or not you purchase a $5 stock that plunges to $0 or a $75 stock that will a similar, either manner you’ve got lost 100% of your initial investment. A lousy $5 company has even as abundant draw back risk as a lousy $75 company. In fact, a unlisted stock is perhaps riskier than a corporation with a better share worth, which might have additional rules placed thereon. (For additional reading, see The Lowdown on Penny Stocks.)



6. decide a technique and stick to It.

Different folks use totally different strategies to select stocks and fulfill investment goals. There area unit some ways to achieve success and nobody strategy is inherently higher than the other. However, once you discover your vogue, stick to it. Associate in Nursing capitalist UN agency flounders between totally different stock-picking ways can most likely expertise the worst, instead of the most effective, of each. perpetually switch ways effectively causes you to a market timer, and this is often positively territory most investors ought to avoid. Take Warren Buffett’s actions throughout the dotcom boom of the late ’90s as Associate in Nursing example. Buffett’s value-oriented strategy had worked for him for many years, and – despite criticism from the media – it prevented him from obtaining sucked into technical school startups that had no earnings and eventually crashed. (Want to adopt the Oracle of Omaha’s investment style? See suppose Like Warren Buffett.)


7. specialise in the longer term.

The robust half concerning investment is that we have a tendency to are attempting to create aware selections supported things that have however to happen. it is important to stay in mind that even if we have a tendency to use past knowledge as a sign of things to return, it’s what happens within the future that matters most.

A quote from Peter Lynch’s book “One abreast of Wall Street” (1990) concerning his expertise with Subaru demonstrates this: “If i might daunted to raise myself, ‘How will this stock go any higher?’ i might have not bought Subaru once it already went up twentyfold. however I checked the basics, accomplished that Subaru was still low cost, bought the stock, and created septuple at the moment.” the purpose is to base a call on future potential instead of on what has already happened within the past. (For additional insight, see the worth Investor’s reference.)


8. Adopt a long-run Perspective.

Large short-run profits will typically stimulate people who area unit new the market. however adopting a long-run horizon and dismissing the “get in, get out and create a killing” mentality could be a should for any capitalist. this does not mean that it’s not possible to create cash by actively commerce within the short term. But, as we have a tendency to already mentioned, investment and commerce area unit terribly alternative ways of constructing gains from the market. commerce involves terribly totally different risks that buy-and-hold investors do not expertise. As such, active commerce needs sure specialised skills.

Neither investment vogue is essentially higher than the opposite – each have their professionals and cons. however active commerce will be wrong for somebody while not the suitable time, money resources, education and need. (For additional reading, see shaping Active commerce.)


broad minded

9. Be broad-minded.

Many nice firms area unit house names, however several sensible investments aren’t house names. Thousands of smaller firms have the potential to show into the big blue chips of tomorrow. In fact, traditionally, small-caps have had larger returns than large-caps; over the decades from 1926-2001, small-capitalization stocks within the U.S. came back a median of twelve.27% whereas the quality & Poor’s five hundred Index (S&P 500) came back ten.53%.

This is to not counsel that you simply ought to devote your entire portfolio to small-capitalization stocks. Rather, perceive that there area unit several nice firms on the far side those within the stock index Industrial Average (DJIA), which by neglecting of these lesser-known firms, you’ll even be neglecting a number of the largest gains. (For additional on investment in little caps, see little Caps Boast massive blessings.)


10. be anxious concerning Taxes, however don’t be concerned.

Putting taxes specifically else could be a dangerous strategy, because it will typically cause investors to create poor, misguided selections. Yes, tax implications area unit vital, however they’re a secondary concern. the first goals in investment area unit to grow and secure your cash. you must perpetually plan to minimize the number of tax you pay and maximize your after-tax come, however the things area unit rare wherever you’ll be wanting to place tax concerns specifically else once creating Associate in Nursing investment call (see Basic Investment Objectives).

The Bottom Line

There area unit exceptions to each rule, however we have a tendency to hope that these solid tips for long-run investors and therefore the commonsense principles we’ve mentioned profit you overall and supply some insight into however you must have faith in investment. If you’re craving for additional info concerning long run investment, Investopedia’s raise Associate in Nursing authority tackles the subject by respondent one amongst our user queries.

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Always remember the 10 important tips above to prevent mistake.

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Homes for Sale: Love It, THEN List It

Spending money on your house before you sell it may sound counter intuitive; like buying your spouse a facelift and then filing for divorce. The difference is that with homes for sale, a little time and effort can pay off in a big way.

You may have heard that “it takes money to make money”, but it needn’t take a lot when preparing your house for buyers. Your realtor will explain that a tweak here and a touch-up there make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. That means that in addition to selling faster, it’s likely to fetch a higher price. Of course, not all tweaks are created equal. So think strategically, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and let the bidding war begin.

Vote Off the Island

Okay, giving people less for their money didn’t work with Target, but it can help you hit the bulls-eye in regard to homes for sale. The buzzwords these days are “space” and “flow”. Buyers are attracted to open areas and room to move, so consider removing an island kitchen or knocking down a wall (just make sure it’s a non-structural wall!). An experienced realtor can advise you on the best moves to make, and you’ll be amazed at how a few inexpensive changes can give you a more open home for that next open house.

A Light for Sore Eyes

To stand out against other homes for sale, it pays to let buyers see your house in a different light; literally. Whether it’s as involved as a major skylight project or as simple as installing a dimmer switch, adding more light to your surroundings will put more dollars in your pocket at closing time.

The impact of light on mood is so pronounced that it has its own disorder (SAD). So even if you just open the windows and install some higher wattage bulbs, you’ll find that the happier you make buyers with your home’s ambience, the happier they’ll make you with their offers.

Put Your Best Front Forward

Imagine doing hours of preparation for a job interview and then showing up in a ripped t-shirt and cutoff jeans. Unless you’re applying to be a grunge fashion model, your prospects are dim. And if first impressions are important for selling yourself, why would they be less so in selling your home?

You have about seven seconds to either make or break the sale when buyers arrive at homes for sale, so make every second count. It doesn’t mean you have to replace the siding and re-pave the front walk. Just ensure that the doorbell is working, the front door itself is in good shape and, ideally, there is an awning or portico to add visual interest and provide shelter from the sun or rain.

Don’t Let Upgrades Get You Down

It’s common knowledge that bathroom renovations are high on the list of upgrades that boost the value of homes for sale, but they can also be time-consuming and expensive. Instead, focus on little touches like removing rust stains, updating cabinet pulls and doorknobs or replacing faucets. This is one room where you can increase your sale price without taking a bath on high renovation bills.

In giving your home a pre-sale makeover, there are any number of improvements that will better your bargaining position. For best results, try to see things from the buyer’s perspective and make the changes that resonate most with you. And if your ex insists that you kick in for their new look, buy them a ski mask.

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Principle of Successful

1. Begin Investment Straightaway

Procrastination is that the ideal enemy of investment. AN early begin in investment will build a colossal distinction because the capitalist are going to be ready to really reap the rewards of combination over a extended amount of your time.

2. Invest for the Semi-permanent

Do not be influenced by short term market fluctuations. These are inevitable. Over the long term, investments increase in price.

3. Craving for Risk

Your craving for risk determines the kind of capitalist you may be. The younger you’re, the additional aggressive you’ll be able to be in your investment strategy. you may undertake a bigger quantity of risk. It additionally depends upon your temperament profile.

4. Invest in Stocks

Among all investment vehicles, stocks have provided the very best come over the future. Stock investment needs patience and discipline. Stock costs are influenced by short term market fluctuations which can build them volatile. However, over the future the market acknowledges the underlying price of a stock and costs it consequently.

5. Value Your Current Money Scenario

Understanding your current money scenario can assist you to kind your finances. this may need you to assess your internet price that the results of the worth of the assets that you just own less the number you owe to others.
Never invest in something that you just don’t perceive. Keep aside straightforward accessible funds love 3 to four months of expenses for emergencies. If you’re burdened with high interest debt, free yourself from debt before you start investment. Use budgeting as a tool to regulate your expenses and for providing you with ample funds for investment.

6. Use a Money Adviser

If you are doing not have the time or the inclination, think about using the services of AN freelance money adviser. they’re certified professionals having in-depth information of assorted investment vehicles. However, stay concerned to some extent to confirm that your cash is being endowed with wisdom.

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Quality Investment Planning to Ensure a Brighter Future

Make your investments extremely count; get solid investment attending to guarantee a balanced money future for you and your family. you have been operating onerous for several years, and retirement remains a ways that down the road, however it’s ne’er too early to start out building a secure money portfolio. the majority aren’t about to be aces once it involves taking part in the stock exchange, however that doesn’t mean that you simply cannot get in on the action. Meet with a well-trained money consultant, and see however your cash can be operating for you.

Planning for the long run

Before even considering wherever your cash are going, a professional money consultant ought to work with you to work out wherever it’s you would like to be in terms of your semipermanent goals. Once you recognize wherever you’re making an attempt to travel you’ll begin to forge a path to semipermanent success. once coming up with for the long run, it’s best to ascertain wherever you’re at and the way you came to be there. you set your cash into the markets for a reason. what’s your reason? once seeking money consultation, make sure that your consultant is seeking to search out the most effective strategy for you and not simply their bottom line. a talented consultant are ready to accurately guide you thru the years, and obtain you to your finish goal.

Considering Retirement

Investment coming up with is additionally a major a part of your retirement. you wish to make sure that you simply will support yourself once you attempt to shut down. many folks worry that they’re going to not be ready to sustain identical fashion they live currently once they retire. Seeking money consultation will prepare you for this moment. If you have got a solid path set out, you’ll get to wherever you wish to be to retire in comfort.

In order to accurately aid you in your future money standing, a top-notch consultant can begin the method of birth out your future by analyzing your potential financial gain growth, net worth, tax liabilities, and retirement-income desires. This proprietary method can facilitate produce a comprehensive image of your money standing for your consultant. With this data they’re going to be ready to predict your course and whether or not you’ll be running a deficit or surplus once it comes time for you to retire. Nothing is a lot of necessary to the method of investment coming up with than a transparent and terse image of wherever you’re currently.

When they have determined wherever you’re and wherever you’ll find yourself if the course you’re on is maintained, they’re going to thoughtfully style and strictly maintain a various portfolio so as to support your current money desires in balance together with your future money desires.

Do not attempt to go the road alone. the majority aren’t financially savvy enough to accurately predict their own desires and desires. rent the professionals to assist secure you a healthy future, and obtain the most effective investment coming up with in your space. do not you would like to retire in style?