Becoming a Millionaire – 10 Successful Habits

Attempts at becoming a millionaire are usually futile because:

1. A formula doesn’t exist. And it never has. There isn’t a magical formulae like E=MC square, round, diamond or whatever.

2. There is often no guarantee, whatsoever, of success. Marva Collins was so right when she said, “Success doesn’t come to you; you go to it”. But how do we do that?

What makes people certain people highly successful and others, not so much?

Well, studies have shown all millionaires across the globe have some common habits that make them successful. They have cultivated these traits, rather painstakingly, and it goes without saying, that if you have or develop these traits, you will soon own millions of dollars!

Becoming a Millionaire… Like They Did!

1. Be Uncle Scrooge…

Millionaires are oh-so-frugal and astute about spending their money. Call them the modern-day Uncle Scrooge, if you will, but they believe that a penny saved is always a penny earned.

So, throw away that credit card, avoid over-leveraging your equity and believe in the sanctity of your savings account.

2. … And Be King Arthur!

Fearless, brave, undaunted – was our dear King Arthur. And so you must be.

You don’t need to draw forth ye sword, for sure, but you must be equally brave – take calculated business risks, out-think your competition, hang in there till the others have closed shop.

Above all, never call it quits!

3. Becoming a Millionaire by Being Different

“Many millionaires suggest they have always felt as if their thinking processes differed from those of their peers. While most people go one way, they tend to go the other. They frequently identify a need to prove themselves to others-a kind of ‘me against the world’ mentality that drives them constantly to do bigger and better things,” says Dr. Ken in his new book ‘The New American Millionaires’.

4. I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

… to just dream! Millionaires go out and achieve their dreams.

“Most people dream of being rich. Few achieve that dream. The only thing that separates the dreamers from the doers is motivation. The dreamers make little effort to improve their circumstances. In contrast the doers… do whatever it takes to improve their circumstances,” asserts Dr. Ken.

However, knowledge of these critical 10 habits is pointless if you don’t know how to implement them.

If you have deep insights into how to apply a tried-and-tested model in real life, then nothing can stop you from becoming a millionaire yourself!

There are six more traits that you need to develop before becoming a millionaire:

5. Resourceful

6. Innovation

7. Driven / Focused

8. Competitive

9. Delegation

10. Learning

Source: ezinearticles

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