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Becoming a Millionaire – 7 Habits of the Millionaires

Who doesn’t want to become a millionaire and have loads of money to spend? Being a millionaire is like being on top of the world and getting everything you want. Who wouldn’t want that kind of life? Becoming a Millionaire is easy, really easy. Don’t you realize that the millionaires we have today usually come from poor families and look at them now! They are millionaires and their heads are touching the clouds because of how rich they are.

There are 7 habits to becoming a millionaire. The first one is their drive, the drive to achieve their goals. It’s like you won’t accept a no because you will always find a way to make it a yes. This drive has helped a lot of people to become millionaires. The drive is like the burning desire in your heart that you cannot afford to lose and it will only go away when that desire is achieved.

Second habit to becoming a millionaire is to focus. It is like keeping your eyes on the prize and not looking any other way. The focus is very essential to become a millionaire because this focus will make you motivated and that way you will be able to reach your goal.

Third habit on becoming a millionaire is the commitment. How committed the person is to his or her goal. Being fully committed to your goals is perfect and you will get closer on achieving your goals you so wanted to achieve for a long time now. If you are serious about the goal you should be fully committed to it.

Fourth habit is your ability to believe. Believe in your dreams and reach for your goals. Believe in yourself that you can achieve that particular goal and everything will fall into place. Belief is also an essential part on becoming a millionaire so don’t ever lose that belief.

Fifth habit when it comes to becoming a millionaire is self-discipline. Discipline yourself and everything will go the way as planned. There will be no stop-overs along the way and the trip will be hassle-free.

Sixth is to invest your money wisely. Becoming a millionaire means you have to invest in order to gain. Invest your money on a property that will benefit you and do not let you impulsiveness get to you. Be wise and invest on a good and profitable property or whatever you are going to invest on.

Lastly, save money. No one is a millionaire forever. You can always go down when you don’t know how to handle your money. Becoming a millionaire thrives on saving money because if you a big spender, your days of being a millionaire are shortened unlike with millionaires who knows how to save money.

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5 Easy Steps To Become A Millionaire

Over the past years I have researched into this matter and I realized that there is an easy approach in becoming a millionaire which most people don’t notice or seem to be ignoring. I have put this approach into 5 easy steps. If you follow these steps and take them into action, I guarantee you will be a millionaire in no time.

1. Desire: To become a millionaire, first you will have to have the desire for it; this will be an edge to make you strive very hard to achieve what you want.

2. Focus: You will have to be focus on what you want and don’t let anything interrupt it no matter what.

3. Search: It is very important to search for opportunities but in this case the best opportunity to search for is to learn from other millionaires. Being a millionaire takes a lot more but the best, fast and easier way to become a millionaire is actually learning from the millionaires themselves. There are so many millionaires out there who are willing to teach anyone who is interested to follow their footsteps. They provide ideas, entrepreneurships, step by step training, solutions, businesses etc. In so many fields like art & entertainment, betting, business/ investing, computer/ internet, cooking, food &wine, e- business & e- marketing, employments & jobs, fiction, games, green products, health & fitness, higher education, home & garden, languages, mobile, parenting & family, self-help, software & services, sports, travel etc. All you need to do is to search for the right one that suite your interest. You will have to be very careful when searching on these because there are a lot of scams out there who are ready to scam you.

4. Invest: To become a millionaire, one most important thing you should know is dedication. You will have to be dedicated in what you do. You usually do this by investing your money and time in what you do in order to achieve your purpose. Most of these millionaires and entrepreneurs will ask you to purchase some form of guide, become a member or for training. They sell these things for a small fee and is nothing compared to what you will be acquiring to become a millionaire, these fees they charge you are to make you committed and dedicated to what you want and to achieve it since you paid for it. You should also be dedicated to invest your time to learn everything they teach you to become one of them.

5. Action: After having the great desire to becoming a millionaire, focused on what you want, searched for exactly what you are focused on, invested your money and time on what you want, now you will have to take a serious action to what you want by doing exactly what the millionaires have thought you in order to become one of them and to be your own entrepreneur if you want.

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The Top 5 Ways To Become A Millionaire

“Becoming a millionaire isn’t all that difficult and there are countless ways to achieve that milestone. Some people do it through real estate, others start their own business, while some simply get lucky by winning the lottery or winning big on a game show. What is even more interesting is that you don’t have to be wealthy to begin with nor do you have to earn six figures to reach this goal.

I know some people who earn well over RM100,000 and all they have to show for it is a large mortgage payment and a fancy car that depreciates faster than a glass of milk left outside in the summer sun. Anyone can become a millionaire and there are five ways to have the best shot of making that a reality.

1. Earn Income. Clearly the more money you make the faster you can reach that milestone but that doesn’t mean your average Joe with a median income can’t obtain millionaire status. The current median income in this country ranges between RM35,000-RM60,000 depending on which state you live in. Better yet, get married so you have dual incomes. The wonderful thing about having dual incomes is that even with two people in the household your income may double but your expenses typically don’t.

If you don’t earn even an average income, all is not lost. It is up to you to do something about it. A negative attitude about your job or your earning potential won’t change anything. Be proactive and make the decision to improve your situation. It is your life so take control and realize that things don’t change overnight. It may take a few years of slow growth before you reach the point where you want to be, but you can do it if you try. Remember, short of inheriting money from a relative or winning the lottery you will need income to become a millionaire.

2. Live Within Your Means. Ok, so you have income but now what? It doesn’t matter how much money you make if you spend it all or spend even more than you make. It might be nice to eat out at nice restaurants every night or to always be on the cutting edge of designer fashion but, this will only make you feel like a millionaire. This doesn’t mean you have to live a miserable and miserly lifestyle but you simply need to live reasonably.

Start by purchasing a home that you can comfortably afford and drive vehicles that suit your lifestyle without straining your budget. You don’t have to be pulling down RM75,000 a year and drive a 1992 Civic Hatchback or live in a dump, but throwing your money at a 4,000 square foot home in a gated community and luxury cars or SUVs that cost as much as one year of your salary won’t help you become a millionaire. Some may argue that an expensive home and real estate in general is a good way to become a millionaire but I will touch on that later.

3. Save Money. This isn’t rocket science but if you earn a reasonable income and you live within your means, guess what, you will probably have money left over to save. The problem most people have is they put savings last, as an afterthought. People pay bills, buy things and then whatever is leftover they try to save. That is the wrong way to save. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but pay yourself first. Whether it is RM100 a month or RM1,000 a month, think of the savings as a bill that needs to be paid and do it regularly. If you are unable to save money you will find that your only wealth is in the form of material things.


4. Stick With Your Plan. If you have done the previous four items the only thing left to do is to continue doing it and stick to the plan. As far as income is concerned, always be on the lookout for ways to increase your income, whether it is through climbing the ladder at your current job, finding work elsewhere, or maybe even starting a business on the side. Increased income will mean you can save even more, provided you aren’t foolishly spending the additional money. As that additional money gets tucked away into savings or investments it will continue to grow even more quickly.

It Isn’t Hard to Do

Unfortunately most people are looking for a way to get rich quick or to capitalize on the next big thing. It is true that some people have made their wealth through playing the real estate market while others have done so by investing in a few stocks that exploded, but this is the exception and not the norm. If the above list seems overly simplistic, good. There are no secrets to becoming a millionaire and almost anyone has the chance to make it happen. The process is simple:

1. Make money

2. Don’t spend all of your money

3. Save some money

4. Invest that money

5. Repeat

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Serious Tips on Investing For Beginners

Handing your money over to someone that says they will build more with it is a bit scary for some individuals. This cash are a few things that was worked onerous for and deserves to be treated with respect and used to build more money instead of simply sit there. Investing for beginners will be a challenge however is additionally very pleasing once one sees their money grow and work for them as onerous as they did to earn it.

There are several tools available online to get the novice investor started on the road to making cash with their funds. The websites area unit dedicated to trailing and trending the most effective investments in stocks, mutual funds and realty. The tools they supply will even enable a new capitalist to create a “test” portfolio of investments which will be tracked without ever actually finance money.

These portfolios will show an capitalist how their decisions would have done without any risk to their hard earned money. Once a beginner decides that they have created the proper picks, they’ll then opt to truly invest and start to form cash. Low risk investments area unit most likely the most effective place for the novice to begin, particularly if they’re creating their own choices as way as investment choices go.

If the beginner feels the need to travel with a rather higher risk begin to finance, they will would like to sit down with a broker or seasoned investor on wherever to start. the first piece of advice they’re doubtless to induce from anyone is to diversify and not risk it tired one space. This can be sound advice and followed by all investors of any expertise level and success rate.

Diversification not solely helps to protect the initial investment, but also permits them to explore alternative areas of finance they will not have chosen otherwise. This conjointly ensures that each one funds won’t be lost ought to a specific sector take a loss for the day or week within the market. Mutual funds are a great approach for the start investor to induce their feet wet in multiple areas.

Investing for beginners ought to be approached with caution and once some research in the forms of investments available and their overall performance. There are several places to travel for good advice on wherever to invest cash and why those picks are safer than others. every investment chance ought to be researched completely before any funds are actually put towards them.

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Smart Stock Investing – Tips To Help You Invest Successfully

Smart stock investing requires sound organized strategies. This text can discuss stock investing methods and aim to inform you the way they’ll be used to help you invest in stocks which will beat out the market and provide you a higher come than the market.

First you must understand that no system is guaranteed to succeed, otherwise everybody would be an investment rich person. What you wish to do is to use many parts from various methods along with some sense and use your instincts and you’ll hopefully be on your way to success.

Look at all aspects of the company

There aren’t any golden formula that may be used to guarantee you the answer to the ‘will this company be a success’ question. What you need to do is analyse all of the data; margins, debt ratios, earnings growth, worth earnings ration, dividend yields, dividend payout ratios, market share, balance sheet health, turnover, costs etc. Once looking at this data don’t build the mistake of gazing it in isolation. For all figures checked out try and build comparisons to historical data and conjointly competitors in the same trade.

Look for what cannot be seen

You should always consider intangible factors alongside the numbers and ratios that are simply on the market and definitive. Try and verify concerning the culture of the corporate, the staff it’s, will it have any patents on product that will probably prove lucrative?

The key to sensible stock finance is being able to search out the relevant numerical and intangible information on the market about companies. This will and will be done through several varied sources like the internet, newspapers, visiting the companies themselves, using their product or services, does one grasp a follower WHO works there that may assist you realize answers to a number of your queries. Once you have found the data what makes a successful stock investor is being able to filter the helpful, relevant info that points to future income or growth potential.

In short there’s no best approach. Thus called stock picking methods are merely individual theories about selecting stocks. try and take the most effective parts from some of those to plot a strategy that works for you.

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Stock Investing Tips & Advice

Good stock investing entails sound investment tips and methodical strategies. this article can amplify some stock investing tips and shall tell you how they’ll be used to aid you invest in stocks that may perform higher in the market and give you a higher yield within the market.

At first you ought to comprehend that no system is sure fire to succeed, otherwise each investor would be AN investment have. What you’ve got to try to to is to place into apply many components from different ways along with logic and utilize your instincts and you may really be on your path to success.

There are no golden stock investing tips which will be used to give you the solution to the question of ‘will this company be a success’. What you’ve got to try to to is peruse and scrutinize all of the data; balance sheets, margins, debt ratios, earnings growth, cash flow, worth earnings ration, capital adequacy ratio, dividend yields, dividend payout ratios, market share, variable expenses, record health, turnover, prices and similar aspects of the operation. once going over at this knowledge don’t attempt to isolate every of these. consider of these statistics mutually holistic approach.

You should always mull over some intangible factors close with the numbers and ratios that are pronto on the market and sure. try to examine the culture of the business enterprise, the staff it’s, does it have any patents on product that will doubtless become prolific?

The key to successful stock investment is being able to scout for the pertinent numerical and intangible information available about the business. you’ll get the information from a host of sources like the net, newspapers, visiting the companies themselves, utilizing their products or services or refer to someone operating within the company. Once you’ve got gathered the knowledge, an honest and successful stock capitalist would then filter out the useful, pertinent data which will help pave to future income or growth potential.

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Becoming a Millionaire – 10 Successful Habits

Attempts at becoming a millionaire are usually futile because:

1. A formula doesn’t exist. And it never has. There isn’t a magical formulae like E=MC square, round, diamond or whatever.

2. There is often no guarantee, whatsoever, of success. Marva Collins was so right when she said, “Success doesn’t come to you; you go to it”. But how do we do that?

What makes people certain people highly successful and others, not so much?

Well, studies have shown all millionaires across the globe have some common habits that make them successful. They have cultivated these traits, rather painstakingly, and it goes without saying, that if you have or develop these traits, you will soon own millions of dollars!

Becoming a Millionaire… Like They Did!

1. Be Uncle Scrooge…

Millionaires are oh-so-frugal and astute about spending their money. Call them the modern-day Uncle Scrooge, if you will, but they believe that a penny saved is always a penny earned.

So, throw away that credit card, avoid over-leveraging your equity and believe in the sanctity of your savings account.

2. … And Be King Arthur!

Fearless, brave, undaunted – was our dear King Arthur. And so you must be.

You don’t need to draw forth ye sword, for sure, but you must be equally brave – take calculated business risks, out-think your competition, hang in there till the others have closed shop.

Above all, never call it quits!

3. Becoming a Millionaire by Being Different

“Many millionaires suggest they have always felt as if their thinking processes differed from those of their peers. While most people go one way, they tend to go the other. They frequently identify a need to prove themselves to others-a kind of ‘me against the world’ mentality that drives them constantly to do bigger and better things,” says Dr. Ken in his new book ‘The New American Millionaires’.

4. I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

… to just dream! Millionaires go out and achieve their dreams.

“Most people dream of being rich. Few achieve that dream. The only thing that separates the dreamers from the doers is motivation. The dreamers make little effort to improve their circumstances. In contrast the doers… do whatever it takes to improve their circumstances,” asserts Dr. Ken.

However, knowledge of these critical 10 habits is pointless if you don’t know how to implement them.

If you have deep insights into how to apply a tried-and-tested model in real life, then nothing can stop you from becoming a millionaire yourself!

There are six more traits that you need to develop before becoming a millionaire:

5. Resourceful

6. Innovation

7. Driven / Focused

8. Competitive

9. Delegation

10. Learning

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Lease Options

As more and more properties go to foreclosure and more and more banks bound their lending restrictions we are going to see a growing trend of people selling their homes using lease options. Quite frankly lease option has been around for a very long time but never have been given the publicity that perhaps they should. the whole mortgage/real estate industry spend a lot of money trying to convince you that their way is the only way of doing business.



First of all it opens up the amount of potential buyers that you can market to, which being in a buyer’s market is a good thing. we would like to provide ourselves the most effective chance possible to sell our properties for top dollar all the while protecting our equity. In these circumstances we’ve got two options…open up the amount of potential buyers or pay the real estate agents more to sell our property. some of you might be thinking that paying your agent a lot of shouldn’t matter but let me tell you it does. If they can make 7-8% instead of 5-6% commissions you better believe they will be pushing to sell your property.

Secondly it preserves equity that you would probably be paying to a real estate agent, closing costs and price reductions. Throw it in your local classified ads instead of paying for a real estate agent to market the property for you saving yourself the 5-8% commissions that are commonly charged. Besides that when people buy your property they expect to be able to negotiate the purchase price somewhat, but with a lease option this is a less likely scenario. i would always recommend that you involve a lawyer in the process to make sure that the lease and the choice are both well documented for your local laws.

Lease Option


Thirdly you can ask for first and last month’s rent a rental deposit and options consideration. The first and last month’s rent and the rent deposit are all a part of the rental/lease contract and are probably refundable. What you are doing not want to be refundable is that the options consideration and that is why you want those contracts to be separate.

Lastly you’ll charge future value for the property and top dollar in rent. By fixing your contracts, and i suggest that they be 2 separate contracts, one being the lease and the other being the option you’ll get away from any confusion about the people renting your property actually purchasing your property using vender finance. Therefore by making the distinction you’ll ask for future value of the property and that can be a part of the choice contract. On the other hand you’ll charge more than market rent for the property because you’ll have some of the rent go towards the down payment and closing prices when they exercise the option.



Just bear in mind that you simply don’t want to give your renters the option of extending their contract while not paying another option consideration. you also want to make sure that with any contract that there ar some teeth in their so that if they don’t perform that there are some serious consequences. you may also want to consider putting in the contract something to the effect that they are completely responsible for all utilities and maintenance of the property and if they alter the property in any way that they’re solely responsible for the costs.

Conclusion…Lease options are a great way to sell your home in a buyer’s market (in any market) because you will be able to sell your home more quickly, while conserving your equity and creating monthly cash flow through rents. not to mention the choice consideration and any other fees you deem necessary you get to keep regardless if they exercise the choice or not.

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