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How to Become a Millionaire – Money Making Formula

Money is an absolute power in modern society. All of us need it. It satisfies many needs such as income, it provides purchasing power, is an avenue to financial security and a means to a better life.

We work to earn and to invest money and to not be limited by money.
The kind of money you earn can:
-determine where you live
-affect the way you feel about yourself
-determine your future life
-determine the status you carry in the community

How much income you earn may be determined by:
-the supply and demand for certain work
-special talent
-willingness to work hard
-education and training


There are countless ways to make money and many ways to become a millionaire. However, there are things that are needed to have the best chance of making it a reality. It takes a go-getter to make BIG money, someone who has the millionaire mindset. Financial Freedom can be achieved by most people who are willing to work for it and put to practice carefully planned strategies necessary to achieve it.

First, you need to navigate your own path to prosperity. You have to put your mind to it, want it and plan for it. Then you have to work smart by developing a plan that gives a sense of direction and provides a path to follow that will progressively achieve your financial goals.

You need to attain skills in wise money management so, you need to educate yourself and to learn from successful people. Do the research from the internet, read books about wealth and personal finance, real estate and entrepreneurship and, go to seminars and workshops.


You must strive to create two things-Cashflow and Equity.

The more money you make the faster you can reach your milestone. Increase your income, whether its through climbing the ladder at your current job, finding work elsewhere or, look to starting a business on the side. You also need to:
-live within your means
-save a portion of your money
-stay away from useless credit
-develop a written financial plan
-get professional advice
-invest that money to create assets and equity


Start A Business-Two-thirds of the millionaires are self employed and the remainder are professionals such as doctors and accountants.

Have you ever thought of building an alternative income stream? Most people would like to start a business however, the problem is many do not have the capital to do so!The internet is your answer. It can provide a new way for individuals seeking online opportunities and extra income to become self employed with minimal investment and little risk. And, you can retain your current job and income while you develop your Home-Based, business opportunity. It will help you reach your financial goals faster and provide you the advantage to create multiple careers and multiple streams of income.


The key to make money online is to know where to start. SITE BUILD IT! provides everything for building and promoting an online business. It includes domain registration help,graphic tools,keyword tools, easy-to-follow site building tools, traffic building and analysis, search engine submissions and optimization and pay per click search to e-zine publishing and carefully guide you step-by-step to create content-rich and keyword-rich pages for your website.


Join a Network Marketing company with a proven marketing system and a management with integrity.Network Marketing is a business opportunity. People from all walks of life have been able to build home-based businesses that generate unlimited earning potential. Treat it like a business and you have a good chance of succeeding. You have to follow company policy, sell its products and you need people to join your business. When you recruit people into your down-line to buy and sell products you and your recruits get paid on the amount of sales made. However, when these people in your down-line recruit others who duplicate the system you begin to generate recurring income over and over again that can lead to financial success.


To create wealth, you need assets.Investing is all about putting money to work for you. There are many kinds of investments with varying levels of risks and returns. The most important thing is to determine where your passion lies and try to master the rules of creating wealth in that area. Knowing how much money to invest, when to invest, what to invest in and how to invest all bring the need for research and planning.

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High Return Investments – Investment Millionaires Know These Secrets

Arguably, the global recession has made investing in the various financial markets seem like a higher risk activity because of the economic problems that led to it. You will hear about huge buyouts, real estate busts, and double-digit hedge fund returns.  However, in all economic conditions good deals with potential for high returns are available. For those investors who are willing to take on more risk for higher rewards we will discuss three high return investments.

Real Estate Speculation

Don’t let the widespread foreclosures in real estate fool you into thinking that speculation is a goner.  If anything, the recession has made property purchase more desirable since you can get deals at rock-bottom prices with the expectation of selling for a profit in the future.  Of course, the risks are higher since the time when the real estate industry will bounce back is still up in the air.  But eventually an uptrend in real estate will return. The challenge is in buying properties at deep discounts at either a short sale or a foreclosure, renting it out and biding your time while the market returns. Over the long-term this strategy could yield greater returns than trading stock indexes.

Hedge Funds

In many ways, investing in hedge funds is similar to being a member of a glorified investment club since they have limited regulations imposed by any government agency.  This is different from mutual funds, which are strictly regulated by the SEC.

Hedge fund investments can run the gamut from specialized to broad investment areas commodities, stocks, buyouts and real estate.  The profits can be magnified in a recession, with some hedge funds at investment banks like Goldman Sachs reporting record double-digit returns after fees.  Of course, there are risks associated with them where you can some really bad quarters that will decimate your portfolio. But during the downturn, hedge funds make a killing because they usually have large amounts of capital at hand and there are plenty of deals available. Another advantage of hedge funds is that they have favorable tax implications.

Emerging Market Investments

As much as real estate speculation and hedge funds are great investments, emerging markets are even better.  Basically, emerging markets are the economies of foreign countries which are growing rapidly.

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Property Investment Secrets

How to become a millionaire through property investment in Malaysia with little money or even no money down? I think this is a very common questions most of the people think about it and I’m going to tell you about it. It is to wisely leverage bank’s money and you can become wealthy. If you want to become a successful property investor, you MUST know how the rich’s invest, HOW to manage your properties (property management) with your real estate agent, look for a mentor’s as your property investment guide by attending some property investment program or seminar and so forth.

The Basic Skills:

  • Invest into yourself by learn, more then only you can earn more, if you want to move upwards to the next level in life, whether it’s investing or to earn for more money, you first need to upgrade your knowledge and skills, by setting aside and invest at least 5% – 10% of your annual income on self-help books, motivational audio programs, seminars and it will completely turn your life around.
  • Communication Skills is a need for your property investment. With this skills you can easily build rapport and get along well with real estate agents, bankers, sellers, tenants, lawyers, contractors, etc. Also you need to possess good negotiation skills and almost everything is negotiable.
  • Mentally prepared to deal with stress or headaches involved in maintaining, up-keeping your investments and tenant management issues.
  • Time to invest in your property location, tenants, bankers, real estate agents and so forth.

Property investment is a road everyone need to walk through, most of the people work entire life to pay for their loan. By applying the right knowledge and skills, with mentally prepared and when the opportunity has come, you can make a different.

Register for your property investment secrets [] FREE seminar worth RM 388, which gives a step-by-step guide on assessing risks, looking for bargains, the potentials of choice locations and the need to evaluate cash flow and rental returns – short and long term.

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Millionaire Mindset

If you want to develop a millionaire mindset, start with these four ideas.

#1. Focus on your highest value activities. It doesn’t matter if your highest value activity is product development, starting an ad campaign, or just plain old selling, just focus on the most important thing. A person with a millionaire mindset will not emphasize office furniture or much less significant time wasters. Remember that 20% of your activities result in 80% of your results. Focus on the most important things.

#2. Focus on assets. You need adequate cash reserves. Not just an emergency fund, but some funds to expand or make acquisitions or to advertise, etc. You need enough money you can “piss in the tall weeds with the big dogs”.

In addition, you need to max your Roth IRA and SEP IRA. Look into both types of accounts immediately. Ask a fee only financial planner about both these plans (and check references).

Outside of retirement plans, you still need more assets to earn money for you while you work at your main business or for your employer. These assets include businesses, real estate, bonds, stocks, IP, notes, your websites, and there are still more assets. You can also own property and other items like ships, planes, art, vehicles, and equipment that you can use, trade or sell.

Buy things that make money and use time as wisely as you can! Remember that time and healthy relationships are assets too.

#3. Squeeze the most out of each deal. Become a deal maker. Be persuasive. Sell assets and then buy better assets. Be creative. Remember, in order to not lose your shirt in a deal you must know exactly what you are doing. Do your due diligence and think things through! This leads to idea number four…

#4. Move quickly, anticipate and plan. Move quickly to put your plans into action. Don’t start procrastinating. Anticipate things that customers or competitors will say. Seek council from an experienced business consultant, or other professional if you think you need help. Having a good mastermind is a plus too. Lastly, create solid plans and back up plans. As Donald Trump says, “Take care of the downside and the upside will take care of itself.”

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Become a Millionaire Before Turning 30

There is any easy way to become a millionaire. If you understand the basic rules of money and apply those fundamental principles, you can bring income in at an incredibly rapid rate.

There are many ways to make money. In order to plan your strategy you need to fully understand what your financial goals are. If you truly want to become a millionaire before you turn 30 and make your first million dollars in a few year, you’ll have to focus on the “fast track” methods.

This involves taking some risks, starting your own business, having an entrepreneurial mindset, and learning how to use leverage and other people’s money to make money. By doing this you can go from $0 to several million dollars in an incredibly short time.

Joining the fast track is not for everyone though. Most people prefer a “safe and secure” job that has benefits and brings in a regular paycheck. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Angling yourself to earn promotions and build an impressive resume in order to secure a high paying job is a perfectly appropriate way to become a millionaire. This method, however, could take years.

But with sound money management skill, even the employee can become a millionaire while working to build a resume and earn promotions. If you have a saving attitude and take full advantage of retirement programs, you can save a million dollars in 10 – 15 years.

To boost that timeframe, you’ll still have to think like a fast track millionaire. For example, you’ll wan to produce some passive income streams or start a home based business. For example, you could buy a rental property that brings in an extra $200 a month.

If you are not comfortable with being completely on the fast track and creating millions of dollars, you can still become a millionaire before 30. All it takes is the right plan and sound money management skills.

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5 Simple Steps To Become A Millionaire Blueprint

Many of us like to dream to become a millionaire. It can be very simple and easy if you know how to master this 5 steps of millionaire blueprint.

  • Find a millionaire mentor

– A swimming coach can not teach you how to play basketball. Every successful people like Michael Jordan has their own coach. If you want to be a millionaire, the first step is to find a millionaire to be your mentor. They are the person who have been through the whole journey and know how to do it. Therefore, you can save lots of time and resources than do it on your own way. Please do some research to find one guru that suits you, invest in their courses and materials.

  • Start your own business

– Yes, start your own business no matter it is part time or full time. You may have many reasons or excuses for not starting your own business i.e. no time, no resources or not enough capital etc. But the fact is, if you are working for somebody and getting a fixed pay, you are just being paid to be a working machine to help them to become a millionaire. Do you realize that 95% of the people in this world is working under the 5% business system, and the 95% of the people is not millionaire. So which Which category are you belong to? 5% or 95%?

  • Buy time with money

– Buy other people’s time to run the business for you just like what your boss did. Do not do everything by yourself. Outsource some of the tasks i.e those time consuming and not at your expertise to some other people who does. So you can spend more time to strategize on how to multiply your income or expand your business. Trust me, this is the best way to do it because you only have 24 hours a day despite how intelligent you are. So, spend time on the more important thing.

  • Invest in real estate or stock market

– Majority of the millionaires are a sophisticated investor. They know how to play with the cash flow. They will not put all the eggs in one basket. However invest in property and stock market will need capital, one of my mentor taught me that do not to go into any investment until you have a stable income from your business. In other words passive income. Take this journey slowly and steadily. Do not rush into it.

  • Form a mastermind group

– Napoleon Hill, the best-selling author of “Think and Grow Rich” emphasized on how important of a mastermind group. You shall have many opportunities to meet new people when you join any wealth creation seminar. Remember to get their business card or a contact number. Arrange a monthly gathering if possible. Make them to be your buddy and adviser. These are the people who can help you, motivate you and encourage you along the the journey.

The list can go on and on but the key is to take action! The difference between a successful people and a failure is, a successful people take action and a failure only know how to find excuses for not doing anything. I believe you belong to the former who wish to be success. So, stop dreaming and take action now to hop onto the path to become a millionaire!

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7 Secrets of Multi-Millionaires

Do you want a million dollars? Have you ever had a million dollars of cold, liquid, hard cash? Let’s face it, a million dollars won’t get you as far today as it used to. Fidelity Investments recently did a survey of multi-millionaires and found the following 7 secrets to be true.

1 – Secret No. 1 is that you first have to decide that you want to be a self-made multi-millionaire. To be financially free you must make a decision to be so. This is a decision that only you can make for yourself. No one else can make this decision for you. Don’t worry about figuring out the ‘HOW TO’ make the millions at this point. You simply make a decision first. Decisions come first, then the answers. Not the other way around. Once you make your firm decision to be a multi-millionaire, then the answers will come.

This decision should be a firm, unshakeable one that does not allow turning back when you face obstacles. Not a hope, or wish, or affirmation, but a firm stick-to-it decision.

2 – Secret No. 2 is to rid yourself of poverty thinking. If you come from a not so well off, or poor background, this may be a lot more difficult for you than others. Think about this for a second. There is no shortage of money on this planet. Only a shortage of people who feel they are not entitled to abundance or wealth. Real wealth and abundance is not created from an attitude of lack, or not enough to go around. You do have a choice in your thinking. If you want multi-millions, then let go of the lack mentality.

Poverty thinking comes from a lower income attitude, where fear runs your life. Keep in mind that the FEAR is simply a made-up story based on a past experience. We take this made-up story based on a past experience and project it into the future with the anticipation of it happening again. This poverty mindset has got to be changed. Your mind will drive you toward whatever it is you focus on. So if you focus on lack, you will get more lack.

There is no shortage of opportunity in this country, only a shortage of vision. Your attitude about money can be different from where you are currently regarding your finances.

Your thinking must change first, then the money will find a way to you. It does not happen the other way around. The thinking like a multi-millionaire always comes first.

3 – Secret No. 3 is to treat having money like a duty. Multi-millionaires not only have a desire for wealth but also to contribute to other people’s lives. They have a desire to contribute to the marketplace as a whole. They see the difference they can make to the families, to the community and to charities.

4 – Secret No. 4 is to surround yourself with mega-millionaires. The old saying that your income approximates the ‘average of your 5 closest friends’ holds true. After all, you can’t learn very much from someone who doesn’t have much. If you desire to be wealthy, then learn from the already wealthy and follow their example. What do they read? How do they think? How do they invest? What drives them? How do they stay motivated and excited?

5 – Secret No. 5 is to work like a mega-millionaire. Rich people treat time differently than poor people. Rich people buy time. Poor people sell time, or even worse, they give it away. To the wealthy, time is more valuable than money. You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time.

Would a mega-millionaire hire a $20 per hour housekeeper, or do the work themselves? They value their time much more than $20 per hour. They would hire someone to do that work while they are making millions with their time.

6 – Secret No. 6 is to shift your focus from spending to investing. The rich understand that tax laws favor investing over spending. When you invest, you are loading your guns for future profits with substantial tax advantages. For example, your home business write-off, your vehicle used in your business, your rental property that produces income, to name a few. When you spend, that money is gone forever.

7 – Secret No. 7 is to create multiple streams of income. The rich never depend on one flow of income. Why? What would happen if that flow of income dried up? You wouldn’t be able to maintain. Creating multiple revenue streams can be tricky however. You must be careful not to lose focus by creating several streams all at once. Give undivided attention to one stream of income and once that is successful, then look for another.

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10 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire

Most of my life I’ve been obsessed with success and financial freedom. Like you and others, I didn’t come from money and didn’t have a great deal of direction, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. It turns out millionaires are like everyone else–but they have a lot more money. When asked about their secrets to success, they don’t cite anything magical or rare, but rather the steady application of wise investing strategies, hard work, and, believe it or not, a degree of frugality. Here are the top 10 steps I took on my way to becoming a millionaire:

10 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire:

1.) Be Frugal! I didn’t buy my first nice watch until I was 30 years old and always bought cars well beyond my means. While I saw others creating a little success and then spending money like they had great deals of success. Now don’t get me wrong I love my watches and cars but put them off until you have lots of dough put away and your business is rolling strong! Learn how to live way below your means, bank or invest the rest and delay gratification. This way you will be able to handle situations that you didn’t plan on.

2.) Make Financial Success a Priority. Lots of people say they want to be successful but let’s face it most don’t get there. Success seems to end up with those that are most committed to having it. I made success a priority and even approached it as my duty, obligation and responsibility. As though it was vital to my existence.

3.) Work harder and longer than everyone else. The discipline of work as an ethics matter is lost on our culture today. Working hard for a week or so means nothing. It’s vital that you create a discipline to work everyone else under the table. Success is not a journey for most people it is a marathon. Prepare everyday to go the extra mile, make the extra call, have that extra meeting and you’ll soon be on your way to becoming a millionaire.

4.) Pay cash for everything you’re able to. I’ve never taken a business loan until I started buying real estate. This forced me to continue to drive new revenue into my business for my expansion. I see lots of people start in business by first buying equipment and things that they think they need in order to run a business. What’s going to make your business work are customers and revenue not printers, computers, and copiers. I didn’t take loans out until I started buying real estate and only did so when the properties paid off the debt of the properties.

5.) Eliminate All Options. Probably the single thing that kept me going when it was most difficult was the fact that I knew this was it for me. I treated my speaking business like it was my only option and my only choice and what I was meant to do with no other options available to me. When you have no other options, you’ll make the most of what you do have!

6.) Believe You Can Do It. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have doubts and insecurities. I have doubted myself most of the way up and still have moments where I question myself today. But through all of it, I continue to tell myself that I can do it, that others with less desire and skill than me have done it before. In becoming a millionaire, what helped me most was I continued to go to workshops and read books that continued to allow me to believe in me.

7.) Formulate your vision for success. “I want to be rich.” and “I want to be successful.” are too vague and also focus on wanting rather than being! Constantly, I write my goals down and even draw pictures of how I want things to be. I would take a poster and draw (and I can’t draw) images of how my life was going to be. When I write, I’m very specific too. I’ll write, “I own 2500+ apts that earn over 12% Cash on cash return.” or “I speak at 100+ paid speaking engagements a year.”

8.) ALWAYS Use Multiple Lines of Attack. In order to get one thing done, never rely on one avenue or line of attack to get it done. Always use multiple angles in order to accomplish any one thing. When approaching a client, I never assume the one line of attack will get the client and look for every way possible to add other actions that will give me one that’s successful and a step closer to becoming a millionaire.

9.) Dominate Don’t Compete. Whatever you love to do, then do it in a way that dominates that space. Don’t be a player in the game, BE the game. Be in so many places and so involved that everywhere your competitors and your clients go they hear or see you. I’m not talking about work here I’m talking about being everywhere in such a way that others can’t even imagine how to compete with you.

10.) Quit Thinking in Shortages. A million dollars may seem like a lot of money to you but the reality is there is no shortage of money on this planet. There is a shortage of people going for it, a shortage of people committed, a shortage of passion, but not a shortage of money. Trust me, a million dollars is not only not that much but probably not enough to retire on and certainly won’t qualify you as rich.

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5 Tips For Investment in Properties For Beginners

Many are starting to learn about investment in properties. It is easy to understand why. The value of our money is getting smaller, a phenomenon called inflation. During inflation, everything that money can buy becomes more expensive and property is one of them. In addition, property millionaires always made it to Forbes Rich List annually.

To hedge against inflation, majority of people make investment in properties. This is because the price of property increases with time, also known as capital appreciation. However, depending on which country you reside, you will need to pay real property gains tax when you sell the property. Some prefers investment in rental property whereby you receive income on a monthly basis. Regardless of whether you are investing in property for capital appreciation or rental income, it is good to take a look at the investment from the following areas. In this article, I will focus more on rental property.

1. Location, location, location
This has been the mantra of most, if not all, property investors. The location of your property will determine if the property price will increase with time and if tenant is fast to come by. To know if your chosen property location is a good one, make sure it is in close proximity to universities, public transportation, industrial areas and a pretty established town ship. Suffice to say, your tenant will come in the form of students and outstation job seekers in the industrial areas.

2. The profit is in the purchase
It will be helpful if you know and keep track of the prices of property in your chosen location. Look at the classified ads section, foreclosure notice and even at bank auction property list. Compare the asking price to that stored your database. Once you have located one property that is at least 15% lower than the prevailing market rate price, buy it! Buying properties at below market price will ensure better return for your real estate investment.

3. Work Hard
Now that you have determined the location and the best entry price for your first investment property, what is there to do next? Firstly, get it rented out of course. There are many channels to rent out a property. You may post it on the classified ads section, the notice board of nearby convenience store; ask your friends to spread the word around that you have a property to let, and now Facebook is getting popular too. Be creative and innovative.

4. Patience is a virtue
After putting up notices for rent and spreading the news, all we can do now is to wait. And patience is a virtue for property investors, especially Property Millionaires.

5. Keep a network of professionals
As you learn the ropes of being a Property Millionaire, you will come across professionals related in this industry such as Bankers, Conveyance Lawyers, Real Estate Negotiators and also other investors. These are your professional networks who will be your friends. Keep in touch and share information with each other.

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How to Be a Property Millionaire

Purchasing investment properties may generate residual income and create wealth and for the investors. Some people may see this as a chance to find properties at cheaper prices since many places in the country are having mortgage breakdown. There are many techniques to make money in property investment. Use these tips to help you learn how to generate income from investment properties.

#1 Buy the right property.

In order to make thousands and millions, we have to win three times: the first one when buying, second, when managing and the third time when selling the property. If you buy it right, it does not take much to win when selling the property later. But if you mess up the buying, it will be a lot harder to make money on real-estate investment.

#2 Manage it efficiently

After buying it right, you will have to manage it right; i.e. becoming a super Millionaire Landlord. While it is true that you can make money by trading, i.e. buying and selling quickly, this strategy does not work so well in property investment for some reasons. One is because of the time taken to buy and sell properties, which it takes at least six months (the delay is due to the legal and financing requirements). This will basically mean that you will by default become a landlord. So you have no choice but to do it right, and the way to do to become a super or in our case, a Millionaire Landlord.

#3 Holding on your property

Next, you will also gain by holding on your properties. By holding on, you minimize the transaction costs – legal fees, stamp duty, advertising, commissions and other costs. These incidents can come up to a substantial amount, which will reduce your profits significantly. By holding on you’re riding on the inflationary rocket to greater wealth. Owning one or two houses will not make you rich. You’ll need to have at least five properties to be a property millionaire. In short, you will win big by holding on to your properties.

#4 Believe in your abilities

It is also important that you will need to believe in your skills, your abilities, and yourself to succeed here. This is because there will be difficult times and the will be mistakes made. Both barriers are equal and you cannot avoid them totally. So when they happen, you have to revert to the faith. Believe in yourself, believe to your abilities and it will come out right in the end.

#5 Be Patience

Next, you must be patience. Unlike stocks, options and futures, the prices f properties do not fluctuate on a daily basis. Property is not for quick profit, generally speaking. If you buy and hold, it may take years to see fruits of your labor. This calls for patience, tons and truckloads of it.

It is also vital to remember that properties are but one form of investment. There is always an element of risk, no matter how slight it is. However, following a right guide may increase your chances and probability to making the big bucks. The more knowledge you have, the more chances you have of making that grand home run, and become the next property millionaire.

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