Admired International Property Investment Continents

Asia and the Emirates are presently the hottest destinations for international property investment. The emerging markets of India and China in Asia are becoming the choice destination for many investors looking for investment homes. In Europe; Greece, Hungary, Spain, UK and France rank highly when it comes to destinations acclaimed for being the best places to purchase holiday homes. Outside Asia and Europe, USA, Australia and some countries in Africa and South America are gaining increased reputation as adorable destinations for purchasing affordable homes.

Owning property in the Emirates is still the most luxurious thing to do in the 21st century. Billionaires like David Beckham own a piece of the prestigious UAE. When talking about UAE, Dubai is the one country that crosses the mind of most people. Dubai offers all the amenities of modern living. This includes sports and shopping complexes, luxurious hotels, man made Islands and superb man made beaches.

Another grand investment decision in this century is having a piece of property in Asia or South America. Asian nations like Malaysia, Japan, China and India have much to offer to most investors. In these nations, the cultural and historical heritage is just stunning. The booming industrialization in China and India makes them locations ranking top in most investor’s lists.

When affordable homes are desired in South America; Belize and Brazil are the most attractive options. Belize has highly affordable property. Belize is additionally a tax haven. There is no payment of inheritance taxes or capital gains on property in Belize. Belize is also popular with many investors because of its economic and political stability. Brazil on the other hand is a beautiful nation with the most stunning beaches in the world making it a preferred destination for those looking for holiday and retirement homes.

The ultimate real estate investment market in North America is USA. Since time immemorial, investors from as far as China and Thailand have flocked USA to acquire property. Apart from having the most stable political establishment in the world, USA offers a diverse range of investment property. There are numerous locations in the USA where an investor can choose to invest. The state of Florida is well liked by most investors.

European nations having high yielding rental properties are Germany and England. The robust economy of Germany makes it the ideal destination for those who want investment homes. Germany has the strongest economy in the European Union. English cities like London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Leeds have property with promising returns. European nations like Italy, Greece, Hungary and France are the places to purchase holiday homes.

Emerging property markets in Africa are to be found in South Africa, Kenya and Egypt. With government policy in South Africa and Kenya favoring foreign investment, an investor in property in these markets will gain from tax breaks and government incentives. In Egypt, a highly developed infrastructure and a booming economy makes it attractive to own commercial property. The Australian property market is expected to post an impressive performance this year due to increased popularity o f Australian homes as Australia ranks highly in the list of well liked tourism destinations.

The seven continents of the world each offer the savvy investor with economic and prestigious property. Most countries in Asia, Africa, South America and Australia are emerging international property investment markets. USA and Europe on the other hand, are the traditional real estate markets.

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